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SciViews-R Unit assertions (check functions)check checkEquals checkEqualsNumeric checkException checkIdentical checkTrue DEACTIVATED
Report or give feedback to the GUI client about running test unitsguiSuiteAutoList guiSuiteList guiTestFeedback guiTestReport
Interact with the test unit GUI in Komodo/SciViews-KkoUnit koUnit_isAutoTest koUnit_runTest koUnit_setAutoTest koUnit_showRUnitPane koUnit_version
SciViews-R log management functionsclearLog createLog errorLog lastSuite lastTest Log
Create, attach to and manipulate test functions in R objectsas.svTest is.svTest is.test makeTestListFromExamples makeUnit makeUnit.default makeUnit.svTest print.svTest runTest runTest.default runTest.list runTest.svTest svTest test test<-
Create and run test suites by collecting together unit tests and function tests defined in objectsas.svSuite is.svSuite makeUnit.svSuite print.svSuite runTest.svSuite svSuite svSuiteList
Objects of class 'svSuiteData' contain results from running test suitesis.svSuiteData metadata metadata.svSuiteData print.svSuiteData protocol protocol.default protocol.svSuiteData protocol_junit protocol_junit.svSuiteData protocol_text protocol_text.svSuiteData stats.svSuiteData summary.svSuiteData svSuiteData
Objects of class 'svTestData' contain results from running a testis.svTestData print.svTestData protocol_junit.svTestData stats stats.svTestData summary.svTestData svTestData
Unit tests for the package 'svUnit'unitTests.svUnit