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Close one or more clients currently connectedcloseSocketClients close_socket_clients
Evaluate R code in a server processevalServer eval_socket_server
Get infos about socket clientsgetSocketClients getSocketClientsNames getSocketServerName get_socket_clients get_socket_clients_names
Get the name of a R socket serverget_socket_server_name
Get the ports of current R socket serversgetSocketServers get_socket_servers
Get or set parameters specific to SciViews socket clientsparSocket par_socket_server
The function that processes a command coming from the socketprocessSocket process_socket_server
Send data to one or more clients through a socketsendSocketClients send_socket_clients
Open a connection to a SciViews socket client for write accesssocketClientConnection socket_client_connection summary.sockclientconn
Start and stop a R socket serverstartSocketServer start_socket_server stopSocketServer stop_socket_server