Package: svMisc 1.4.1

Philippe Grosjean

svMisc: Miscellaneous Functions for 'SciViews::R'

Functions required for the 'SciViews::R' dialect or for general use: manage a temporary environment attached to the search path, define synonyms for R functions using aka(), test if 'Aqua', 'Mac', 'Win' ... Show progress bar, etc.

Authors:Philippe Grosjean [aut, cre], Romain Francois [ctb], Kamil Barton [ctb]

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# Install svMisc in R:
install.packages('svMisc', repos = c('', ''))

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Miscellaneous Functions for 'SciViews::R'

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Help Manual

Help pageTopics
Miscellaneous Functions for 'SciViews::R'svMisc-package
Get information and help about R objects? about ex print.runnable
Add GUI elements like actions (menu items), icons, or methods in a predefined listaddActions addIcons addMethods add_actions add_icons add_methods get_actions
Create an alias (also known as) for an object whose a short help page and/or original help page can be viewed with .?obj.aka print.aka str.aka
Run a function in batch modebatch
Run an R expression and capture output and messages in a similar way as it would be done at the command linecaptureAll capture_all warnings2
Compare current R version with a specified onecompareRVersion compare_r_version
Get a completion list for a R code fragmentcompletion
Convert numeric to factor with intervals of equal number of items by using quantilescut_quantile
Define a vector of a given mode and length (possibly filling it with default values)def
Get textual help on function or function arguments, or get a call tipargsTip args_tip callTip call_tip descArgs descFun describe_args describe_function
Invoke an external text editor for a filefileEdit file_edit
Execute a command in the GUI clientguiCmd guiExport guiImport guiLoad guiReport guiSave guiSetwd guiSource gui_cmd gui_export gui_import gui_load gui_report gui_save gui_setwd gui_source
An easy package installation function that pairs with 'package()'Install
Check for the existence of an help file, or some contextisAqua isHelp isJGR isMac isRgui isSDI isWin is_aqua is_help is_jgr is_mac is_rgui is_rstudio is_rstudio_desktop is_rstudio_server is_sdi is_win
List all methods associated with a generic function or a class, or all types associated with a methodlistMethods listTypes list_methods list_types
Functions to implement an object browserobjBrowse objClear objDir objInfo objList objMenu objSearch obj_browse obj_clear obj_dir obj_info obj_list obj_menu obj_search print.objList write.objList
A (possibly) very silent and multi-package library()/require() functionpackage
Parse a character string as if it was a command entered at the command lineparseText parse_text
Create the path to a file in the p-Cloud drivepcloud pcloud_crypto
Functions to manage R side of the SciViews R package managerpkgManDescribe pkgManDetach pkgManGetAvailable pkgManGetInstalled pkgManGetMirrors pkgManInstall pkgManLoad pkgManRemove pkgManSetCRANMirror pkgman_describe pkgman_detach pkgman_get_available pkgman_get_installed pkgman_get_mirrors pkgman_install pkgman_load pkgman_remove pkgman_set_cran_mirror
Display progression of a long calculation at the R console and/or in a GUIprogress
R Benchmark 2.6print.rbenchmark rbenchmark
Search web documents about R and R functionshelpSearchWeb search_web
Create a section in a list (collection of functions and other objects).get_section print.section section str.section
Source code from the clipboardsourceClipboard source_clipboard
Define a function as being 'subsettable' using $ operator$.subsettable_type $.subsettable_which subsettable
Get a system file or directorysystemDir systemFile system_dir system_file
Get an environment dedicated to temporary variables (and create it if needed)addItems addTemp add_items add_temp assignTemp assign_temp changeTemp change_temp delete_temp existsTemp exists_temp getTemp get_temp rmTemp rm_temp TempEnv temp_env
Get an arbitrary name for a temporary variabletempvar temp_var
Convert R object to and from RJSON specificationevalRjson eval_rjson listToJson list_to_json toRjson to_rjson